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Ayurvedic whole-body massage with oil to balance the mind as well as body. Abhyanga increases circulation, aligns the doshas with the use of specific oils and eliminates toxins. A therapeutic and deeply relaxing experience, Abhyanga increases vitality, strength, flexibility and mental/emotional wellbeing.


This whole body deep muscle massage with oil is a very relaxing technique.  It gives all the benefits of Abhyanga and tones the muscles. Uzhichil regulates the flow of energy within the body and improves circulation.


This is a whole body warm oil bath with massage originated in Kerala, India. The body is  massaged with hands while the warm medicated oil is poured in a flowing stream over the body from a specific height. Pizhichil is an invigorating process, at the same time a very effective therapy in most illnesses arising from the derangement of Vata. It harmonises all the 5 sub-types of Vata. Being a powerful Sneha- sweda (a combination of both snehana, e.g., abhyanga and swedana e.g., steam bath), it releases toxins from joints and muscles and thus improves the mobility of the joints.

Marma Chikitsa

Marma Chikitsa is a unique, ancient therapy. The knots that are formed in the energy channels of the body due to emotions and fine feelings are the cause of many diseases. This very gentle bodywork enhances the free flow of prana by releasing these blocks. Gentle touch on the Marma points in the body also vitalises the entire system.


A constant fine stream of warm oil is made to fall on the forehead in a particular pattern. Warm oil massage on the forehead area massages all the nerves of the body. Shirodhara is an ancient technique that has been used to enliven the third eye, the eye of awareness. Body tissues transform through this process and health and vitality are restored. The warm oil brings peace and clarity to the mind.

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Facial Marma

The face is cleansed thoroughly with a herbal mixture and subsequently steam or ice is applied to the face. This is followed by a gentle massage of Marma points on the face and scalp with suitable herbal oils. It is a deeply relaxing process. Facial Marma releases stress from the facial muscles. It is very good for fatigued eyes and gives good rest to the mind. Finally, the facial skin is toned with a nourishing herbal face pack.

Meru Chikitsa

An ancient and almost forgotten holistic Ayurvedic spinal treatment that Sri Sri Ayurveda has recently revised and updated. The normal functioning of the nervous system and cerebral spinal fluid is restored through gentle adjustments of the spinal column.

Meru Chikitsa is a naturally effective Neuro-Muscular-Skeletal treatment that promotes health in both acute or chronic problems.  Because Meru Chikitsa works closely with the nervous system, it has been found to be very effective for many organic problems from common cold to cancer.  

Snehana / Snehapana

It is done to prepare the system before the Panchakarma therapies are administered. Snehana nurtures the tissues and entire organs with oils and ghees medicated with case- specific herbs. In this process the toxins are pushed out from their seats of derangement and brought to the organs like rectum, stomach etc. to be eventually eliminated from the system.

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Swedana (Sweating therapy)

Swedana is the therapeutic application of heat to the body so that the pores and channels of the body open so that ama (toxins) can be released easily.  Sweating results when the channels open wider.  Heat makes it easier for toxins to be carried from the tissues, the bodily forces responsible for transporting toxic waste from deep tissues to the gastro-intestinal tract are also mobilised.


The nose is the direct pathway through which Prana, the life force, enters the systems of the body. Nasya involves the administration of medicated oils through the nasal channels. This improves brain functioning by improving the flow of prana to the head through cleansing and opening the channels of the head. The functions of the body all depend on Prana, therefore Nasya is a very important treatment that stimulates the tissues and glands in the brain and gives quick relief to many health problems.


A cleansing therapy using purgation. Virechana removes toxins from the middle and lower areas of the gastro- intestinal tract. This is done by administering specific herbal medicines through the mouth to initiate the elimination process through the bowels. Virechana is a solution for many physical problems, especially Pitta and Kapha disorders.

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Paada Abhyanga -   Foot Massage

Foot massage with oil stimulates certain points that correspond to different organs of the body and the entire body is nourished. A refreshing massage on the sole increases the circulation of blood and prana in the body.  Paada Abhyanga brings a feeling of deep relaxation and well being throughout the body.             

Pinda Sweda

It is a whole body sweating therapy. A medicated paste of herbs and grains boiled in milk is made into a poultice and taken in a potala (a bolus made of the poultice tied in a piece of cloth). It is then rubbed on the whole body continuously in a synchronised pattern. Pinda Sweda revitalises the body by imparting nourishment to the tissue, restores energy and mobility and relieves stresses.

Talapothichil (Shirolepa)

It is a treatment done on the scalp. It stabilises the nervous system and activates the marma points in the scalp and head. The mind as well as all the vital organs in the body gets benefited due to its unique soothing effect. It is also a rejuvenating therapy which also helps cure diseases of the scalp and skin all over the body.

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A treatment in which medicated oils are used on the head for treating various ailments of the neck and head. It nourishes and rejuvenates the nerves in the region above the neck and helps cure many nervous system disorders of eye, ear and nose. It is also very effective in various types of chronic head-aches like migraine.


A medical system, that works with the body as a whole. The therapist mostly works with the hands.

The technique works on the relationship between structure and function of the body. The treatment is based on the body’s intelligence to treat itself in a natural way. It is effective in acute/ chronic back pain, migraine etc. and problems with the organs can also be treated.


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